Patrick Wall was hired as the Executive Director of the Ultrasound Guidelines Council in May of 2018. Wall received his A.S. from Black Hawk College, then his B.S. and M.S. from Iowa State University, finishing his grad work in 2003. While at ISU he helped organize and conduct some of the very first structured field technician certifications as breed associations ramped up their acceptance of carcass ultrasound data for genetic evaluations. His thesis project involved using carcass ultrasound to project USDA Quality & Yield Grade 100 days pre-harvest. He became a certified field and lab technician at that time.

After a 1-year position as a college educator and livestock judging coach, Wall returned to the ultrasound industry as the Director of Communications for Walter & Associates (The CUP Lab). While there, the industry demanded expansion, so an increase in field technician training and certification soon followed. He spear-headed those efforts, drawing from his experience at ISU. During that tenure, new technologies, software, and databases were constructed to handle the dramatic increase in utilization of carcass ultrasound. By that time, the Ultrasound Guidelines Council was organized by the US Beef Breeds Council, and some of the initial protocol and standards were put in place.

In 2009, he accepted a position as the Director of Breed Improvement for the American Shorthorn Association, holding that position for approximately 5 years. Wall learned about the processes breed associations endure handling incoming ultrasound data, and how to make that process more efficient. As well, Wall was an integral part of moving the Shorthorn breed to a multi-breed genetic evaluation with International Genetic Solutions (IGS) and developed the breeds first $ Value Indexes, still utilized today.

In 2014, the opportunity to move back to his wife’s family farm as well as a career opportunity with Iowa State University Extension & Outreach presented itself. Wall continues that position today, tackling the duties of UGC at the same time. Since 2018, UGC has undertaken the largest industry-wide collection of carcass data behind every UGC-certified field technician. Wall’s experience in all aspects of the carcass ultrasound industry throughout his career are a necessary asset to a revolving Board of Directors from breed associations, industry & research, accredited labs, and field technicians.

Patrick Wall currently resides in Pleasantville, Iowa with his wife Amanda, daughter Addison, and son Brody. They represent the 4th and 5th generation of Hereford breeders in the family operation.

Executive Director
796 40th Ave. 
Pleasantville, IA 50225
(515) 450-7665

American Angus Association
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American Simmental Association
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Red Angus Association of America
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Beefmaster Breeders United
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Round Rock Ranching
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Virginia Tech University
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ST Genetics
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