Ultrasound Guidelines Council

The purpose of the Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) is to develop and maintain a governance structure and protocol for proficiency testing and certification for technicians involved in ultrasound scanning of beef cattle for composition traits and in interpreting images used in genetic evaluation programs.

This group is responsible for developing, maintaining and governing proficiency testing protocol and standards for beef cattle ultrasound technician certification. This council is composed of four beef breed organization representatives appointed by the US Beef Breeds Council (USBBC), three university persons involved directly in ultrasound research and national cattle evaluation programs using ultrasound data, one active field ultrasound technician and up to three representatives from centralized labs meeting the UGC definition for a centralized lab. The ranking US Beef Breeds Council representative will serve as chairperson for this Committee and will serve in this role for one year, or more, at the discretion of the USBBC. The second ranking USBBC member will serve as co-chairperson for one year, or more, at the discretion of the USBBC, and will assume the chairperson position during their final year on the UGC. Each university representative, lab representative(s) and certified field technician will serve as a member at the invitation of the four USBBC representatives. Each university member will serve a five year term unless additional service is mutually agreeable. Each field technician will serve a two-year term unless additional service is mutually agreeable.

UGC Responsibilities

  1. Provide service to individuals and organizations inside and outside of the United States seeking to enhance the genetic evaluation of beef cattle for composition traits via ultrasound.
  2. Establish dates for periodic technician proficiency certification programs.
  3. Select a host to provide the facilities and other resources necessary to conduct the ultrasound technician certification program.
  4. In cooperation with the host institution, assemble the necessary persons to oversee the certification process.
  5. Develop and maintain all UGC protocol and proficiency standards.
  6. Assemble the necessary personnel to analyze the proficiency testing and certification results.
  7. Provide overall financial management of funds collected and utilized for conducting the certification process.
  8. Maintain an official web site for the UGC that includes schedules and lists of certified field and laboratory technicians.
  9. Develop and maintain standards for testing and certifying new or enhanced real-time ultrasound scanning hardware and interpretative software.
  10. Develop and maintain standard guidelines for centralized data reporting formats, data storage and maintenance.

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Looking for a Field Technician?

Search the current list of UGC Certified Field Technicians to find contact information for scanners in your area. Many technicians are certainly willing to travel, but their schedules can fill up quickly prior to the busy season from January-April. Get on their calendars early!
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Wanting to become a UGC-Certified Field Technician?

The carcass ultrasound industry is constantly looking for new technicians to scan cattle, particularly in areas of the country where seedstock producers struggle to locate someone close to their ranch. However, it is strongly recommended that anyone wishing to become a UGC-Certified Field Technician participate in a structured training program prior to taking the in-person exam. UGC Field Certification is usually only offered once or twice a year due to expenses surrounding carcass data collection and image interpretation.
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